WildCountry HMS Belay Screwgate Carabiner

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The WildCountry Xenon HMS Belay Screwgate is a well-engineered pear shape carabiner loaded with features. The geometry optimizes the weight, strength, and durability and a specially designed Keylock nose makes removing stuck knots such as clove hitches simple. The wide pear shape allows for secure rope management, making it ideal as a center anchor point on multi-pitch climbs. The Xenon Screwgate is also available with a wire keeper to ensure the carabiner stays in the right belay position and prevents cross-loading.

  • Compact pear-shape for excellent handling
  • Spacious size for knot management
  • Snagging-free design
  • Weight, strength & durability optimized along all surfaces by an I-beam structure
  • Visual closure indicator
  • Big gate opening