Wild Country Wildwire Quickdraw Alpine Red 60cm

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The Wild Country Wildwire Quickdraw Alpine Red 60cm features superlight, hot forged, Wildwire biners mounted on an extendable 60 cm Dyneema sling.

  • I-Beam construction which allows it to be lighter, without compromising on strength
  • Smooth-action wire gate is double kinked to provide an easier grip when clipping
  • The lightweight, flexible 10 mm Dyneema sling is weather and abrasion resistant and has higher strength-to-weight ratio than standard nylon webbing
  • Its narrow diameter makes it ideal for use in threads, spike placements and extending protection
  • Hot forged I beam construction
  • Wire gate carabiners for maximum weight saving
  • 60cm dyneema sling, 10mm, 22kN strenght
  • Biner: Longitudinal: 27kN/ | Side: 8kN/ | Open: 9kN/ | Opening: 26mm 
  • 98g / 3.45oz